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You Deserve a Dessert at Blu’s Cocktails & Wine Bar Durham

At Blu’s Cocktails & Wine Bar Durham we offer a range of delicious desserts. From tasty tarts to perfect puddings, Blu’s have the perfect treat to finish your meal. Do you have a sweet tooth? Our mouth-watering sweet treats will definitely satisfy your tastebuds with sugary delight. In this blog we will discussing some of our favourite desserts on our menu (though we simply cannot choose).

Apple Tart

Served with nutmeg ice cream, this rich and flavoursome dessert is absolutely bursting with the delish and juicy taste of apples and the crispiness of the pastry. What’s not to like? You can try our apple tart paired with a delicious dessert wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc. A perfect way to end a meal here at Blu’s Cocktail & Wine Bar.

Homemade Cheesecake

Cheesecakes have a sweet, creamy, rich taste with little tanginess. Did you know – the taste of cheesecake is largely dependent on the type of cheese you are using. Usually, cream cheese, ricotta, and cottage cheese are used to make cheesecakes which have a more creamy and sweet taste. Prosecco and sherry pair perfectly with the luscious and sweet taste of a cheesecake.

Rice Pudding

An absolutely classic and timeless dessert. We serve our scrumptious rice pudding with strawberry jam to add a fruity and sweet kick. Did you know – rice pudding is made from short-grain white rice. Match a simply delicious rice pudding dessert with a refreshing and bubbly glass (or two) of prestigious and protected champagne.

See something you fancy?

Whether you are looking for a luxurious lunch, an extravagant evening meal or a beautiful breakfast – we have got lots of options for you!

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